wRino boat hook mooring system


A revolutionary boating accessory that makes boat docking and mooring, easier, faster and safer.

All docking and mooring is from onboard,

so you do not have to leap across the water to the dock to attach the dock-lines.

wRino & dock-line


wRino plus 12mm X 4.6 metre nylon double braided    dock-line (black).

wRino twin hook boat hook


An innovative boathook with more line handling features than a standard boat hook.

Line handling is improved when the line is held between the two rhino style hooks.

The duck-bill style of the front hook allows a line to be picked up from a deck.

wRino marine rescue hook

An accessory designed for marine rescue, to aid recovery of disabled boats.

With the rescue hook crew can attach a high-strength snap- hook and towline to the pad-eylet on the bow of a disabled boat.

The benefit of towing from this point, is that the bow is held up.
Easier towing and less drag reduces fuel consumption.

wRino is currently supplying  to marine rescue services in Australia and the USA Coastguard (Auxiliary).

Dock-lines with RLR
(Rapid Length Recognition)


RHR is a wRino innovation, for identifying the length of a required dock-line, when retrieving from storage.

Colour coded tags attached to the dock-line identify an associated length.
e.g: Yellow = 4.6m  Blue = 6m  Green = 8m  Red = 10m. 


wRino miniloop


A small diameter looped cord (2.5mm) when attached to the eye of a dock-line, gives increased line handling abilities.

The wRino innovation, is a method of splicing the cord ends together. This splice has two benefits, it is inexpensive and it also keeps the Miniloop eye open, which allows an easy hookup with a wRino or boat hook.  

wRino grippers


Moccasin style, soft comfortable safety sock slippers.

Created to prevent fall injury onboard.

In Australia fall injury is the second major cause of boating serious injury  -  Ref: National Marine Safety Committee  NMSC.
                        "Falls within a vessel".