wRino boat hook mooring system


A simple way to dock or moor your boat, from onboard.
Now, you do not have to leap over water from boat to dock to attach the dock-lines.
 wRino is much more than a conventional boathook, it's revolutionary  features work together with standard boating accessories.

For docking, use dock-lines, and for mooring, use stainless steel mooring hooks, that are readily available from most chandlers. 

The Benefits:

A wRino will perform all conventional boathook functions ..... plus ....

                   .   You can take your boat out alone, as docking requires no assistance
                   .   Less arguments during docking.
                   .   You can immediately stop your boats movement caused by wind and current, by attaching one line to a                                 dock  cleat  or pylon from onboard.
                   .   You will no longer entertain the marina crowd.
                   .   wRino is lighter than most boathooks, so all boaters can use it.
                   .   Although aluminium telescopic handles are not ideal for fending off, with a wRino you can pull any weight                            because you pull with a dock-line not the handle
                   .   A wRino floats.
                   .   You can attach lines to almost every form of docking or mooring fixture your travels will encounter.


What it does

On your boat, you travel to many different destinations and each destination has a different type of docking or mooring fixture.     E.g: dock cleats, pylons, bollards, mooring rings, buoys, etc.
From onboard, with a wRino, you can attach lines to just about every form of fixture that your travels will encounter.........

... SEE BELOW ...

An instructions booklet is supplied with the wRino.               A copy can be downloaded



Length:            1.23 metres with the handle retracted
                          2.03 metres with the handle extended
Weight:            0.68 kg
Construction: wRino designed handle - Anodised aluminium tubes with an interior strengthening rib in the larger diameter                           tube.
                          Plastic hooks - Lightweight reinforced glass filled nylon
                          Plastic clips   - Flexi nylon.
                          Handle telescopic locking mechanism - wRino designed twist-lock

Docking:   lassoing dock cleats and pylons:

Recommended dock-line sizes 12mm - 14mm diameter to maximum 16mm.
Recommended dock-line type: double braid, manufactured pre-splice, the type available in chandlers.


Step 1.  Make a loop in the line

Step 2.  Push the line splice into the yellow clip

Step 3.  Push the line loop into the purple clip

Step 4.  Lasso an object then pull the dock-line back.
               NOTE: Pull back the dock-line only.

Delivery within Australia $9.95
Dockline not included.
Warranty 1 year.

Mooring:  with stainless steel mooring hooks.


Benefits:   1.  Fast instantaneous connection.
                   2.  Metal to metal connection
                   3.  Simple & uncomplicated to use.
                   4.  The most widely used method.
                   5.  Hooks are available from most chandlers worldwide.
                   6.  Wide selection of pricing, from A$20, for a s/s hook that can be connected and also disconnected from                                   onboard.


Using a Marifix hook

There are two positions for using the Marifix hook


Removing the wRino nose buffer

The buffer is removed to expose the serrated groove section that holds the hook.

After using the Marifix hook, It is not necessary to replace the nose buffer.

Step 1. First remove the yellow clip which holds the base of the buffer in place.

Step 2. Push the buffer down and out.
             The buffer is soft material and requires a small point of glue to keep it in place,
             so to remove a little force is required to break the glue.  

buffer out.jpg

The Handle.


The wRino handle is designed for the strength required by our marine rescue services customers, Coastguard, VMR etc.

A specific boat recovery function requires the combined weight of towline, stainless steel snap-hook and shackle to be held at full extension, horizontally.

This is not what conventional aluminium telescopic handles are designed to do.

So  wRino handles are strengthened.

 This  strength is achieved by the addition of an internal strengthening rib, that runs the full length of the main tube.

The strengthening rib is combined with a unique twist-lock, handle locking mechanism.

The strengthening requires extra connections that sometimes  bind very slightly when the handle is extended and retracted, The slight sound will go away in time during use.

Austdesign5 copy.jpg