Whats new

 The seven differences between wRino 1 and the new wRino 2


1.   Reduced weight:       With a new high-strength lightweight Nylon 66 301-G30,
                                            the unit weight is now 0.67 kg
                                                         Benefit a). Lighter. easier for all to use.
                                            The total delivery package weight is under 1 kg.
                                                         Benefit b). Reduced delivery charge. 

2.  New colours:               A brighter, more vibrant colour design.

3.  Mooring A:                   A method for holding a small boat mooring hook (Marafix)

4.  Mooring B:                   A connection point for fixing the attachment launching clip for a large boat mooring hook.

5.  Fending off buffer:     A soft plastic buffer, for better grip against objects fended off.

6.  Improved handgrips:  Softer with more grip.

7.  locking mechanism:   The handle twist-lock locking mechanism has been upgraded for a better hold when extended.


Operating  changes 

Section in yellow square is the upgrade.