New Projects.

These are projects we have completed to prototype stage, projects that can be demonstrated by agreement.

Project #1

A hook release mechanism that can be fixed to both mooring and snap-hooks, the attachment allows a hook to be remotely released from a buoy ring or eyelet, from onboard a vessel.
The attachment is currently being developed for the marine rescue services, to give the ability to detach a snap-hook and the towing line, from the towing eyelet (pad-eyelet) of a disabled boat, from onboard the rescue vessel.
We had to develop the innovation within certain parameters, the main criteria is that the manufactured properties of the high strength snap-hooks cannot be altered in any way. e.g: once the attachment is removed from a hook, the hook is exactly the same as identical hooks that did not have a release attachment fitted.

We are currently working with the Gold Coast Coastguard to test and finalise the hook release mechanism. The mechanism will be an addition to equipment we are already supplying to rescue services in Australia and east coast USA.  
Our products assist the reduction of  fuel consumption,  a major operating cost of marine rescue.

The hook release mechanism can also be fixed to many currently available large throat mooring hooks.
This makes the attachment of lines to swing moorings, buoys and rings the fastest and easiest method for both attaching and disconnecting the lines.

Project #2

  A new type of natural non-chemical skin lotion that combats two boating problems. 

     a). In our region, Queensland Australia. we have a record that we are not proud of,                                                                                The per-capita world's highest rate of skin cancer.
           Caused by UV radiation and on a boat this problem is increased.
           The lotion is not a sunscreen, it works in a different way.
           This natural lotion also reverses the appearance of skin ageing, by two methods. 

     b) At anchor close to shore, there is the problem of blood feeding insects, mosquitoes and sand-flies, make  life                           onboard unpleasant. To overcome this problem, a variation of the natural skin lotion alters the 1-octen3-OL                           pheromone, a pheromone that blood feeding insects track, this creates a natural insect repellent that is chemical                   free, non-toxic, beneficial for your skin  and very pleasant to use, particularly for people with dry skin. 
          Due to the repellents non-toxic skin benefiting properties, it is also ideal for infants.

          We have been testing the lotions for the past two years, and the results have been very encouraging.  

Project #3

A very simple innovation for preventing common screw-type attachments undoing.


Project #4

A common problem with aluminium telescopic handles is that the friction operated locking mechanism does not grip and hold under considerable force, such as when fending off.
We have created a very simple device that fully locks a telescopic handle at full extension.