Grippers are moccasin style safety sock slippers.

Designed by wRino to prevent one of boatings major causes of serious injury, "Falls within a vessel".

Falls in the home are the major cause of household serious injury,  equivalent to all other causes combined.
On a boat the danger is increased because of the boats movement due to wave action and  unexpected wake from passing boats.

In cold weather Grippers can be worn overs socks to give a grip on slippery surfaces.

The moccasin style makes Grippers easy to put on and take off.

 Two sizes,  large for men and medium for the ladies 

Construction is 85% cotton and 15% spandex, with elasticity to fit various sizes.
The sole is vulcanised rubber.

Grippers are the modern slipper, they are attractive, soft and comfortable with a non-slip sole.
and just look nice, instead of the bare feet look.

Grippers make a great present, because of their low cost, and also, just maybe, they will save a friend from  injury.