Miniloop (an app for docklines)

What it is:

The world's cheapest line-handling tool.

The Miniloop is a small diameter cord (2.5mm Diameter) that is spliced to form a loop.
The innovation is the method of splicing the two cord ends together.
This is an inexpensive splice method that does not require any hand splicing, also the splice creates a strengthened section that holds the Miniloop open.

Made in Australia

What it does:

The Miniloop when applied to the eye of a dock-line increases the ability of handling the dock-line.


Miniloop applied to a dock-line eye.

How does it Benefit:

  •           Holds the dock-line eye open, so that the line can be easily retrieved by hooking with a boathook or wRino
  •           A dock-line can be easily picked up from a flat deck by hooking the Miniloop
  •           A dock-line can be easily disconnected from a dock cleat
  •           A dock-line can be easily disconnected from a pylon
  •           When attached to the clip of a mooring hook, allows an easier disconnection from a ring.
  •           Can be used to hold bundled objects, such as the bundled lines of a dock-line hung to dry.

Miniloop for an easy hookup retrieval of a dock-line


Pick up a docK-line from a dock. 


Undo a dock-line from a cleat or pylon.

Attached to a mooring hook clip for an easier disconnect